(MAJOR UPDATE!!) Shuhei himself has CONFIRMED John’s Twitter Account was a FAKE!!!

There you have it!!! I feel for all those MAJOR WEBSITES that sourced his tweets as news!

(Original Story:) THE MYSTERY IS AFOOT!! Back in October it was announced John Kodera was taking over Andrew House’s role as The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. He impressed the higher ups at Sony and was pegged to continue Andrew’s mighty legacy.

It appeared earlier this week, in an effort to be more visible and interactive with PlayStation fans, Mr. Kodera joined Twitter. He quickly began chatting with the PlayStation Nation, even dropping a tweet about GaaS titles that many websites sourced.

PlayStation fans rejoiced!!! John’s follower count quickly began to soar.. until it was mysteriously suspended.

Now, an hour later.. the account has been deleted. What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on around here?!?

Twitter has temporarily paused their verification services, so the account was unverified. Very many high profile gaming executives, including Phil Spencer, followed him though. Hmm.

We were we all bamboozled by a fake account? Did Sony crack the whip on John’s new Twitter addiction? Or could John not handle the mighty force of PlayStation fans asking him for a release date for God of War??

If we find any answers, we shall update this article, Brah!