How many Videogame Twitter accounts can go FOUR YEARS without tweeting a single tweet, then drop the most random tweet, resulting in a shockwave of excitement from the gaming community?

When the game in question is being developed by CD Projekt Red, the guys who made The Witcher series, you’ll have that kind of impact! The very first Cyberpunk 2077 teaser dropped back in early 2013 and the last tweet? December 5, 2013

Their newest tweet? One word. One completely random word.

Wow. TALK ABOUT A TEASE!!! Hopefully there will be some kind of announcement rather soon. Maybe some… gameplay? Naaah. That won’t be until E3 2018. On either Sony or Microsof’s stage. BELIEVE IT.

For those who might have missed or forgot the original teaser, here’s the trailer!