Guerrilla Games have to be feeling pretty good right about now. After spending years working on Horizon Zero Dawn, a completely new and original IP that could have bombed, they deserve all the critical acclaim from the gaming media and gamers alike. Then having the game sell millions of copies worldwide, is a great accomplishment in the world of gaming where multiplayer games are king.

Aloy has conquered many beast along her journey on the PS4, but one of the biggest is how she conquered Top Sellers of 2017 as the best selling PS4 game in 2017! Horizon Zero Dawn’s Director Mathijs De Jonge broke the news via twitter.

Congrats to Mathijs and the entire team at Guerrilla Games! You guys and gals deserve it! They made such an incredible game that deserves every bit of the hype and support from the PlayStation Nation!

If for whatever reason you’ve missed out on Horizon Zero Dawn, I highly recommend you do so. It was one of the best PS4 games of 2017 and easily one of the most impressive PS4 exclusives, period.

If you’re really interested, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is currently $42 on! No better time to experience the joy of kicking dinobot butt!