Are you ready for the Awoken? Are you ready for a spirit-infested hungry demonic pistol? Are you ready for the first ever Virtual Reality Puzzle Shooter? If any of these questions have intrigued your soul, then get ready to dance and get ready to solve.

Some of the features include…

  • It’s a Puzzle Shooter – Your speed, your accuracy and the need for an adventure are the required for this job.
  • Packed full of Action – showdowns with outlaws, sorcerers, and killing machines of the unstoppable kind.
  • The Stage is yours – in this narrative experience, you will be told the store in VR bites with grip telling from very thoughtful characters that will keep you wanting to perfect your skills so that you will want to know everything.
  • Dimensions – Get ready to explore new worlds filled with gunfighters and the beasts that were thought to be truly forgotten.

The Gunslinging Strange World of Cold Iron will allow us to enter the world on January 30th, 2018 when it comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…