Well as 2017 ends, I wanted to look back at all the games and experiences that came out in 2017. Many have asked what my favorite PlayStation VR games and experiences are. I honestly thought hard about this. I did not want to include any demos of games or experiences that were not part of 2017. I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I wanted to stand out. I wanted to celebrate the year and put together something that shows how far Virtual Reality has come, what it can do and where it could possibly go. So please join me and help celebrate the Developers, Publishers, Gamers, and Dreamers of Virtual Reality for 2017.


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And in no paticular order of any kind

Best Online Sports 1 vs 1 Competitive PSVR Game:


Best Horror Story PSVR Game:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard –

Best Cooking To Survive The Zombie Apocolypse PSVR Game:

Dead Hungry

Best Original Concept Of Using Your Voice To Be Your Eyes PSVR Game:

Stiffled –

Best Strategy PSVR Game:

League Of War: VR Arena –


Best PSVR Game To Test Your Dexterity:



Best Create Your Own VR World PSVR Game:

Discovery –

Best PSVR Kite Game:

Stunt Kite Masters VR –

Best PSVR Adventure Game To Go On And Lose All Track Of Time:

Skyrim VR

Best Social PSVR GameTo Spend Time With Friends And Handout And Just Have Fun:

Rec Room

Best PSVR Fishing Game In The Final Fantasy Universe: 

Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV

Best Brutal Fast Paced PSVR Shooter:

Doom VFR –

Best PSVR Game That Will Make You Want To Build A Snowman And Throw Snowballs:

Snow Fortress

Best Duo Cooking In A Diner PSVR Game:

VR: The Diner Duo

Best Flight PSVR Game:


Best PSVR Game To Let Out Your Aggression And Shoot Mutated Evil Fruit:

Shooty Fruity – 

Best PSVR Accounting Game With Attitude: 

Accounting Plus –

Best PSVR RollerCoaster Experience:

RollerCoaster Legends

Best 2D Mixed In With 3D PSVR Game: 

The Lost Bear

Best Horror Based On An Urban Legend PSVR Game: 

Don’t Knock Twice

Best Emotional PSVR Experience:

Manifest 99

Best Side Scrolling Zombie PSVR Game:

Bloody Zombies

Best Feeling Like A Martian On An Unfamiliar Planet That You Want To Explore PSVR Game:

The Solus Project

Best Imagination Is A Weapon And You Need To Escape PSVR Game:

The Rabbit Hole –

Best PSVR Tile Puzzle Game – 

VirtuGO –

Best Space PSVR Game Shooter With Missions:

End Space

Best Interactive Cartoon PSVR Experience: 

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles

Best Freezing Time While You Take Out All The Enemies Matrix Style PSVR Game:

Superhot VR

Best History Lesson PSVR Experience:

Chernobyl VR Project

Best PSVR Kart Racing:

VR Karts –

Best PSVR Platform-Puzzler Where You Play Like A God:

Light Tracer

Best PSVR Shooter Of Spirits Possessing Toys:

Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 –

Best PSVR Add-On – 

Carnival Games VR: Alley Adventure –

*** No Official Trailer for this add-on, but enjoy the original trailer ***

Best ATV Drift Racing PSVR Game:

ATV Drift & Tricks –

Best Quick Cash In For A Movie PSVR Experience That Should Be At Least Be The Same Cost On Other Platforms:

Justice League VR: The Complete Experience –

Best Dual Weapons In A Fast Paced PSVR Game:


Best Climbing Everest PSVR Game:

Everest VR –

Best At Becoming One With the Frog PSVR Game:


Best Murder Mystery PSVR Game:

The Invisible Hours

Best PSVR Game Where You Feel Like You Are Against An Army Of Terminators:

Raw Data

Best Futuristic Racer PSVR Game:

Radial-G: Racing Revolved –

Best Space Journey Of Humankind PSVR Experience:

Apollo 11 VR –

Best PSVR Game To Make You Actually Feel Like A Super Hero:

Megaton Rainfall

Best PSVR Fishing Game To Just Get Away:

Fishing Master

Best Single Player Racing PSVR Game:

Gran Turismo Sport:

Best PSVR Social Multiplayer Where You Must Work Together, But If All Fails, Blame Each Other Game:

Star Trek: Bridge Crew –

Best PSVR Chess Game:

Chess Ultra

Best News Paper Delivery PSVR Game:

Special Delivery

Best PSVR Military Training Experience:

Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall –

Best Cave Exploring PSVR Game:

Cavernous Wastes

Best Tower Defense PSVR Game:

Ancient Amuletor

Best Spider-Man PSVR Experience:

Spider-Man Homcoming – Virtual Reality –

Best Zombie PSVR Game With Humor To Use With The Aim Controller With:

Arizona Sunshine

Best PSVR Experience Where You Don’t Pick The Nightmares, They Pick You:

The Bellows – 

Best PSVR Game For Building Of Contraptions To Solve Puzzles:

Fantastic Contraption –

Best Mech PSVR Game:


Best Slot Car PSVR Racing Game:

Tiny Trax

Best Multiplayer Dodgeball PSVR Game:

SmashBox Arena

Best Minigolf PSVR Game:

Infinite Minigolf

Best PSVR Pirate Game From The 16th Centuary:

Heroes Of The Seven Seas –

Best Cinematic Storybook PSVR Experience:

Digital Domain’s Monkey King

Best Greek Mythology PSVR Experience:


Best Dino Western PSVR Simulation:

Dino Frontier –

Best Castle Defense PSVR Game:

Castle Storm

Best Underwater PSVR Game:

Neptune Flux

Best PSVR Paranormal Horror Game:

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Best Eposdic Adventure PSVR Game:

Soul Dimension

Best Shooter Against Evil Bears With An Evil Mastermind – 

Sneaky Bears

Best PSVR Game About Leaving The Next To Explore:

Leave The Nest –

Best Ghostbusting PSVR Experience:

Ghostbusters Is Hiring: Firehouse –

Best Space Real Time Strategy And Tower Defense PSVR Game:

Korix –

Best Movie Length Narative Adventure PSVR Experience:

Fated: The Silent Oath –

Best PSVR Animal Experience:

Virry VR: Feel The Wild

Best PSVR Arcade Shooter:

Mortal Blitz –

Best PSVR Arena Combat Game:

StarBlood Arena –

Best PSVR Dynamic Shooter:

VR Invaders – Complete Edition –

Best PSVR Gaming Bundle:

Herocade –

Best PSVR WW2 Gunner Game:

Bandit Six: Combined Arms

Best PSVR Puzzle Solving Game Using Your Brain, Eyes and Ears:

Statik –

Best PSVR Meditative Spatial Puzzle Game:

Symphony Of The Machine

Best PSVR Online Game Show Game:

Quiz Night Tonight! –

Best PSVR 3D Puzzle:

Gnog –

Best Trippy Neon Trancespace PSVR Shooter:

Polybius –

Best PSVR Puzzle Experience Based On A Movie:

Passengers: Awakening –

Best PSVR Space Golfing Game:

Moonshot Galaxy

Best Sci-fi Story Adventure Game – 


Best PSVR Swamp Shooter Game:

Dick Wilde

Best Kygo Experience:

Kygo ‘Carry Me’ VR Experience –

Best Moto PSVR Racing Game:

Moto Racer 4 –

Best PSVR Detective While Trying To Solve Puzzles Game:

Dying Reborn –

Best What Possibly Happened To Mars & Able To Drive A Rover PSVR Game:

Unearthing Mars

Best PSVR Hacking Game:


Best PSVR Burst Battle Game:

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle –

Best PSVR 3rd Person Fighting Game That Had Good Intentions Of Adding VR, But Didn’t Really Need To:

Tekken 7 –


Best PSVR Demo That Left Us Wanting More:

The Last Guardian VR Demo –

Best PSVR Update:


Best PSVR Streaming Cinema App:

Lens VR

Best PSVR Streaming App For Interactive And Immersive Movies:

Jaunt –

Best PSVR App For Streaming Live Events:

NextVR –

Best PSVR App To Relax And Use Your Phone In Vr:

AnywhereVR –

Best PSVR Accessory:

The Aim Controller –

I want to thank everyone for an amazing 2017. To all the Publishers, Developers, Gamers and Dreamers, never stop believing, never stop gaming. Let’s get ready to rock 2018.