Even though we still don’t have a solid release date for God of War, that hasn’t stopped Sony from promoting the hell out of it. From having one of the biggest booths at PSX 2017, to having two marching bands perform the God of War theme during the PlayStation sponsored Fiesta Bowl, Sony is ready to re-introduce the world to Kratos in 2018.

The next step is here – one of the most popular gaming magazines in the industry, Game Informer, have revealed their next cover story: God of War will bring the pain in the newest issue of GI!!!

Game Informer’s Official release about the news:

God of War has been among the most anticipated PS4 games ever since it was unveiled at Sony’s E3 2016 presentation (complete with a live orchestra). Since the big reveal, fans have been hungry for more details about the game’s mechanics, including specifics about combat. However, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio was guarding that information closely – until now.

For our February cover story, we visited Santa Monica Studio to play God of War ourselves, diving into the combat to see how Kratos’ new array of gear and abilities change the battlefield. We interviewed the team about reimagining the God of War formula, bringing players closer to the action, and how Kratos’ relationship with his son manifests in gameplay. Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or an old fan, you’ll want to learn all about this epic journey through Norse mythology.

If you’re a digital subscriber, you’ll be able to discover all kinds of new information regarding the new content God of War. If you prefer print, look for your copy in the next few days.