I want everyone to stop for a minute from gaming and think about what has been the game changer thus far. Was it HD or was it 4K? Was it 30fps or 60fps? A combination? Those are some valid questions, but that’s not the game changer I am referring to. I’m talking about Virtual Reality. This year has been amazing year for PlayStation VR. So many great games, experiences, Developers, Publishers, and everyone of us, the gamers.

Even though Virtual Reality has been around for a while, it has hit the mainstream. From VR that we can use with our phones to PC to our consoles. Even though everybody may not be there yet, I have a feeling it will happen. And when it does, there doesn’t need to be a battle, but yet a celebration.

We have the opportunity to escape reality and become whomever we want, at whatever time we want on what ever world we want. From cooking with zombies to tanks from Tron. We can fish in our living rooms to hacking the dark web. We can race, luge, and go to the depths of the ocean in a shark cage. We can become The Batman to soar like an eagle to ridng in a mech to entering the Rez. To become a crew on a star bridge to playing chess with Death. We can relax and chill with Netflix, Hulu,and YouTube to getting scared from the paranormal. All thanks to VR.

No matter what we do or become, one thing is for sure is that Virtual Reality is not going away. When we add the cross-platform with Rift and Vive and able to go play disc golf or laser tag and have fun, it goes to show how far we have come. In the beginning when we made avatars and names and played online and through those Avatars and names, we became someone who we wanted to be as a way to escape. Move into now and the future and we can become whomever or whatever we want in world’s we could never visit, but want to exist in. If not for the fun and enjoyment, then for the escape of our reality no matter how simple or complex they have become.

Virtual Reality allows us to help and to over come our own insecurities to become better people. You are able to over come speaking in public to the fear of bugs. Doctors are learning in VR, training from the military, police, fire is becoming more of a reality. But VR is not going anywhere. It’s not the gimmick many have predicted. Some put it down for the lack of trying or because it’s not on their platform of choice. If you have experienced it, you know. If you are new to it, welcome. For those that have not tried, but wanted to, don’t hesitate. There are new worlds to make yours and new experiences to enjoy. Regardless, I thank everyone from the Developers, Publishers, and Gamers for making 2017 on of the best years in gaming. Get ready for 2018!