For the Lazy:

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4)
  • Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4)
  • Sacred 3 (PS3)
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS3)
  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (PS Vita & PS4)
  • Uncanny Valley (PS Vita)
  • StarBlood Arena (PSVR)

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Author’s Thoughts:

Hey, remember when I said December was the last PS+ Write Up?  Yeah… I kinda forgot that January’s line up gets announced on December, so let’s pretend I never said that December’s was the last of the year… Anyhow…

Let’s dive in to see what we have in store. First up we have the sequel to the prequel of a PC classic, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the most recent installment of the Deus Ex series of games. This stealth action adventure game will push your limits, but be warned this game has micro transactions placed in there though luckily it doesn’t affect much in terms of gameplay with begs the question of why it’s there in the first place. Though at least that’s not the only game on the menu, we also got Batman: The Telltale Series filling in the gap of Batman: Arkham Knight for placement on obvious games to have on the PS+. (One day Arkham Knight, one day…) This Telltale episodic point-&-click adventure game puts you on the cowl of Bruce Wayne, cosplaying as Batman, in order to protect Gotham City from criminals such as The Joker, Two Face, among many others. Not a bad addition overall, but people who already bought it on sale will be asking for refunds will probably disappointed, though this doesn’t include The Enemy Within (aka the second season) so you got that as a bonus.

Now let’s go back in time to the previous generation with a somewhat surprising line up. Both of these games are sequels on their own right so be wary of them, Sacred 3 is a hack-&-slash brawler that is no way like the previous games in the series. This 2014 game is a mixed bag of expectations with an odd design given as it strays from its RPG roots. I wouldn’t go out of my way to play it, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless. As for the second PS3 game on the list, we have The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds either an RPG or a PS Move game, and you would be right, but not this time. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a point-&-click comedic adventure game that was developed by King Art Games. It’s the sequel to their very first game on the PC by the same name and their second game on the system (their first being The Raven: Legacy of the Master Thief). If you’re into comedy, fantasy and puzzles, it’s worth checking out.

Lastly, the Vita still has a few surprises up their sleeve with Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness and Uncanny Valley. Psycho-Pass is a crime thriller visual novel, based off the anime of the same name, which takes place in an authoritarian dystopian future where everyone’s consciousness is scanned in order to detect potential criminals before they act. This Blade Runner inspired game is a treat to anyone who likes visual novels and it’s certainly a step up to December’s Xblaze: Lost Memories. Uncanny Valley however is an interesting game; this survival horror pixel game will surely scare you as you play as a security guard in a large, creepy facility to explore. Now the interesting part isn’t the game’s setting, but it’s Consequence System which failure doesn’t necessarily mean death, and it instead uses it to impose lasting effects on the player.  It seems to take a lot of notes of games like Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut, seems to be a fun game, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Oh right, VR is now slowly becoming a staple of the PS+ Line Up. Let’s see what we have here, StarBlood Arena. Take the helm and a crack at your piloting skills as they’re put to the test in this PSVR game. Yeah, this is what if you take a turret section of a game, say Jak 3, have the player the ability to move around the battlefield and have it set in space in VR. While the idea is interesting on paper, the execution leaves a lot to desire. I feel if they keep pushing it on PS+, then more people over time will grow interest in owning a VR headset. Personally, I would only play SUPERHOT VR given the chance, though that’s a bit out of my reach, but I would like to be there sometime in the near future.

This solid line up is a great way to start the year 2018, for every Playstation owner with PS+. Not personally the best, though good enough to keep the people from reminding me about Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of  Legendary Legends, the best PS4 game ever made (not really). Speaking of which, remember to get those games before the next store update, if you wish to read the previous line up click here for more information on them and here’s to a great 2018!