What’s that sound? It’s the inevitable march of the year 2018!!!!! What does that mean? Time to get together with your family and friends, get crunk, and ring in the New Year!!

Well, Sony wants you to know that you can skip that nasty hangover! How?! By snagging their lineup of PlayLink titles and having a blast with your besties!!! They even made a commercial to try to convince you!!

3 of the current PlayLink titles – That’s You!, Knowledge is Power, and Hidden Agenda are currently $14.99, a discount of 25%, on the PlayStation Store!

Or, If you don’t mind going to Gamestop, $9.99 each for the physical copies of said games. This also includes Singstar Celebration, which isn’t currently on the PSN. You didn’t hear about these deals from me, ok? Ok!

Have you tried any of PlayLink titles? If so, what’s your favorite?