It feels like this happens once a month. A major game lacking a release date is suddenly given one by some off the wall retailer, then turns out to be bogus. This ‘leak’ though? Has a little credibility to it! Could June 8, 2018 date be a solid release date for Red Dead Redemption 2?!

If you remember correctly (I didn’t!), also leaked the GTAV PS4 and XB1 port release dates two months before Rockstar confirmed them officially. So while June 8 could very will be nothing but a random placeholder date, Rockstar Games did give the game a Spring 2018 tentative release date. We gotta believe? MAYBE!

Who truly knows? Rockstar Games, partner! And the last person they’re gonna’ tell the truth is some two-timing scoundrel like yourself, you varmint!!!

Red Dead Redemption II aims to be one of the biggest releases of 2018. Whenever the release date is finalized, it is going to be HUGE.