Even though we’ve only seen a limited amount of actual footage pertaining to Death Stranding, it seems that development is going good. Like, so good that it has even surprised the people over at Sony Interactive Entertainment!

In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation, several different major Japanese creators were asked about their projects/companies in 2018. The biggest surprise of all? Kojima’s statement status regarding Death Stranding. Check it.

Development on Death Stranding is going well enough that SIE told us, ‘We have never before seen a game being created at such a fast pace.’ We are planning an announcement that will further surprise everyone in 2018.

Bruh. What could this all mean?! Granted, Mark Cerny said you begin to understand the game after playing it for 4 or 5 hours during his guest appearance at PSX 2017, so perhaps a playable prologue in late 2018, with a hopeful release date of 2019??! WE GOTTA BELIEVE, BRAH!!

If you missed the babytastic trailer for The Game Awards 2017, here it is!

Or if you need to go back even further, the original reveal trailer and the Mads Mikkelsen reveal trailer.

You know if any future Death Stranding news hits, The PlayStation Brahs will be here to cover it!