News regarding Shenmue III hasn’t dropped at the fastest pace, as the team has been hard at work developing the latest chapter in Yu Suzuki’s fabled series. So when the team uploaded a new dev diary on Christmas day, it was certainly a nice surprise gift!

This 7 and a half minute diary features Yu Suzuki being interviewed by Hiroaki Takeuchi, giving us an update regarding Shenmue III‘s development journey.

Some of the highlights:

  • How the Unreal Engine has help make developing the game more efficient, including bringing the quality of graphics past what Yu expected.
  • At the same time, Yu has been use to writing code all his life, so not being able to “touch what’s inside” has been an issue.
  • He is feeling better about Shenhua and Yu can finally approve of her character model.
  • The game will feature around 100 characters!

Plus much more! With the help of Deep Silver taking over the publishing rights, along with Lakshya Digital helping with character models, Shenmue III could be bigger than we every imagined.

Shenmue III is aiming for release in 2018. My guess? Late 2018. Like.. December 31, 2018. I hope.