Rumors spread like fire last week that Atlus was planning on giving their oddly addictive PS3 puzzler, Catherine, a current-gen remake, and that it would be revealed before the end of 2017.

Brah! The rumors are TRUE! Catherine: Full Body is coming to both the PS4 AND the PS Vita!! The game is being developed by Atlus’ new team, Studio Zero, who are also developing Project RE Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey. Full Body will feature a third female interest, along with new story segments and cutscenes. NICE.

Atlus will be holding a livestream detailing more about the game on December 22, so you won’t have to wait much longer for more information. The game will also be featured in the January 4, 2018 issue of Famitsu. Mo’ info!

By the way, is it me or does Atlus love them PS Vita? First Persona 3 & 5 Dancing, now Catherine: Full Body. Never forget.. VITA IS LIFE!!!

Catherine fans! Are you excited for this new remake??!