To ensure the highest quality possible for some of their biggest 2018 AAA titles, Ubisoft announced delays that will impact the followings games:

  • Far Cry 5 will move from February 27 to March 27, 2018.
  • The Crew 2 moved from March 26, and will now roll out sometime between April 2018 to September 2018.
  • An Unannounced title has been moved to fiscal year 2019-2020.

It’s like Miyamoto said, a bad game is bad forever, but a delayed can be good. Then again, in this day and age, you can half-ass a game, then release 15 updates to make it better. Though for most gamers, the damage is already done.

Do any of these delays help ease the tension being put on our wallets by all the massive games being released in 2018??