EA and DICE listened to fans of the first Battlefront when they collectively came together, demanding that Battlefront II not have a season pass, so that all players could game against one another at all tomes.

EA (then decided to implement a Loot box system, OOPS) listened and similar to other multiplayer games, Battlefront II will instead feature seasons. We reported a couple weeks ago that The Last Jedi will be the first official season with Finn and Captain Phasma being our first two new Heroes. There will also be new maps, challenges, and ships to help save the OR dominate the galaxy.

EA dropped a trailer out of hyperspace, focusing on The Last Jedi season content.

December 13, Brah!!!

If you’ve been waiting on EA to apologize to gamers, the game is currently $39.99 as most major retailer.

Before you ask: The ability to buy loot boxes with real money is currently disabled. Credit rewards have been increased per match. Arcade mode now a daily earning limit of 1500. I know this might not matter to some gamers, but for those have been waiting on changes, EA and DICE are working on balancing it to meet gamer’s expectations.