Dust your Mega Busters, because Mega Man is back in action!

The Blue Bomber we know and love is returning for the first time in 7 years, in the newest installment of the classic Mega Man line up. Mega Man 11 was teased near the end of the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream along side Mega Man X Collection coming on PS4, Switch, Xbox One & PC, and will be the first 2D 3D modeled platformer in the series with a look that oddly resembles the Mighty No. 9 game upon release. Though according to the developers:

We are currently in development of Mega Man 11. It will be released during the 30th anniversary in 2018[…] We’ll have more information for you in the summer of 2018[…]

Interestingly enough, Mega Man Level Designer, Masakazu Eguchi had this to say:

In regards to the concepts that we (the development team) wish to implement into this project[…] What’s the best and most digestible way to present something to the player? I’ve come up with tangible ways of figuring out how to implement our concepts into the actual game.

Seems though many of the development team members look to aspire in resurrecting the Blue Bomber in a way that would be appropriate:

What I think is really important is that Mega Man needs to be truly resurrected. It’s something I always discuss with the rest of my team. What would Mega Man‘s true resurrection entail? I want it to be a question that everyone on the team asks themselves. I may have my own take on it […] the artists have their own […] Same with the sound designers. And I think it’s important to have everyone’s take on it. What’s important is achieving this across each area of the team’s expertise.

This is what I believe will translate into a truly satisfying experience for players.

[…] if everyone thinks long and hard for themselves on how they can resurrect Mega Man that those efforts will achieve results.

I truly believe that.

Cutting with the next rendition of the art of the Blue Bomber made by Art Director and Character Designer, Yuji Ishihara.

New Design.jpg
The newest design for the Blue Bomber in this next generation Mega Man game!

This is the first time I’m working on a mainline Mega Man title.

I thought of what would make Mega Man fit the best balance between cool and cute and ultimately I thought this head-to-body ratio would work the best.

[…] I experimented with adding enough detail that would make people naturally lean towards thinking Mega Man looks cool.

Powered Up.jpg
New designs for the powered up versions of Mega Man will be cosmetic instead of the traditional pallet swap, by adding more physical traits to his transformations.

Additionally new enemy designs were also teased by the art director on stream with the inclusion of this little fella.


The stream concluded with a developer commentary on the core of Mega Man with this to say:

So Mega Man… how should I say this? It’s not a game about a hero gung-ho about defeating the bad guy. Mega Man is more about having to fight because he can’t lose.

He never asked to join the fight. He has to go and defeat the other Robot Masters, who are very much family. There’s a very sad element to Mega Man‘s battles.

I think that sadness transforms Mega Man from, not just being a fun robot hero, but into a character with more depth that carries sorrow and a hint of coolness.

I think that’s one of the major components of his character.

The stream concludes with a special anniversary timeline listing every single Mega Man game since conception with a repeat of the newest trailer for Mega Man 11!

Author’s Thoughts:

With the addition of the newest installment of the classic Mega Man games, it seems Capcom has developed an interest of continuing the development of some of their IP’s that have been lost for quite sometime now in 201X. The new announcements, while amazing by name alone, looking at the trailers it seems as though they’re working in an early build of the game and will probably NOT be representative of the final product. So much as Mighty No. 9 was back during their Kickstarter campaign, this looks like what we got in the final product in Mighty No. 9. While I don’t think it’s bad, it looks as though they’re advancing further and better than it’s counterpart, which is a great as it may look a lot better when the game releases late next year. Without Akira Kitamura or Kenji Inafune working on the next title, it seems though as the new development team are looking to capture the essence of the classic Mega Man games without completely following the games to a tee. A mistake most games that try to capture the spirt of some older games fail to do (see Yooka-Laylee). I expect Capcom to not only push Mega Man, but more of their IP’s like Devil May Cry to the modern age that don’t involve ripping what was already established, and continue off that.

See the trailer for the new Mega Man game for yourself and write your thoughts down below!