The first major controversy that plagued Star Wars Battlefront II was the minuscule amount of credits you earned after a match. Earning a few hundred credits made that Darth Vader hero unlock of 75,000 seem like a freagin’ galaxy far, far away. DICE adjusted the cost of characters before lunch, but at the same time reduced the number of credits you received.

This latest update looks to address these concerns, which will hopefully entice players to return more and more often. These updates should be live as you read this!

The end-of-round payout has been increased. This is an area we agree needed to be buffed a bit, especially when it comes to rewarding players for doing well in-game. We’re upping the number of Credits you get for a match across the board, and specifically bumping the top players on each team by even more.

Earn 3X more Credits daily in Arcade Mode. It’s been made clear that you were hitting the Arcade Mode Credit cap faster than we expected, so we wanted to alleviate that by increasing it to 1500 Credits. While we’re still looking into ways to add more content into it the mode in the long-term, we think that this should help in the near-term for those who want rewards for completing the different scenarios.

Daily Login Crates will now provide more crafting parts than before. You’ll notice the change right away when you log in. Crafting the Star Cards you want will help make sure you’re progressing in the direction you want, and we absolutely want to empower that. This should help you get where you want to go faster when it comes to crafting and upgrading.

I know for most of you, the damage has been done. For those of you who stuck around, tomorrow begins The Last Jedi season as Finn and Captain Phasma join the wars for the stars.

Are you enjoying Battlefront II or has EA blown their last chance with you?