For those us who prefer to hold a physical copy of a game in our hands, to shed the plastic wrapper, and to smell that new game smell, you’re in luck! Even though most of the industry wants us to embrace an all-digital future, companies such as Limited Run Games, Special Reserve, and others are keeping collectors happy!

Gamestop has also joined in on the pursuit of bringing producing physical copies of digital games and have teamed-up with Square Enix with one of their biggest yet! The Secret of Mana Remake arriving in 2018 will be receiving a physical edition exclusively at Gamestop!

If interested, you can pre-order it now so that you know fo’ sho’ that you’ll have a copy at your local store come release day on February 15, 2018. No mention of a Vita physical edition. Sorry, Brah!!

Here’s a trailer showcasing how much the game has changed since the SNES version!