Back in October of 2016, there was a game that came out for PlayStation VR that was perfect as the PlayStation VR was just coming available and at the time had a new and fresh take on the social VR experience. It allowed PSVR players to socialize and play pool, darts, wear awesome hats and so much more. I mean if you wanted to smash some glasses and have a cue stick Star Wars battle you could. Now with more players getting into PlayStation VR, now is a time for both the very new to the ones who have not tried or missed this to join, socialize and have a good time.

Sports Bar VR has received a much-deserved update. So let’s see what’s in the update…

  • Cross-platform play with Rift and Vive (more players, more fun)
  • Two new games – Chain Reaction and Puzzle Treasure Hunt
  • New items, avatars, challenges and more
  • New AI
  • Enhanced custom game settings

Some more information with the two new games:

Chain Reaction – each player’s reaction will be put to the test.

Puzzle Treasure Hunter – players will be asked to find pieces around the main area of the bar. The first one to find all them all wins.

This really is an awesome update and it all can be yours by entering the Sports Bar VR.

Until next time…please enjoy…