Since the winner never came forward and the next person who would have won, did not reply, I am going to try this one more time. It is time for a giveaway. Not any giveaway you see. It’s time for a giveaway that involves you to dodge…for you to move… for you to ignite some SPARC in your lives! That’s right…with the awesome team behind SPARC, CCP and The PlayStation Brahs are holding a contest to see will be that one true SPARC fan and this is one NA code.

All you have to do is following:

  1. Follow  CCPThe PlayStation Brahs, The Playstation Brah and Mr. PSVR.
  2. On the comment section below, put down what your Captain’s name would be and what your team would be called  (be creative, please do not be offensive).
  3. Make sure your Twitter name is included.
  4. Retweet this article with your names and #SPARCforPSVR so that others can see your creative mind at work.

That’s it…so simple. Now go be creative and good luck! Winner will be chosen on Christmas!

Oh in case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…