For those of you who pre-ordered Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, you received a pretty suh-weet little gift: The PS2 classics on PS4 edition of Jak & Daxter! Well, when this pre-order bonus was revealed, Sony also talked about the rest of the Jak & Daxter series hitting the PS4 annnnnd they still have yet to do so.


Yuuuup! Jak & Daxter II, Jak & Daxter 3, and Jak X Combat Racing will all release next Tuesday on the PSN!!!

Get them all in one bundle or buy them separately. Sony also revealed another cool throwback theme.. THE LEGACY DASHBOARD DYNAMIC THEME!! PS2 fans, check this out!!! (Btw, it’s $2.99)

Next week, the PS4 is getting some PS2 lovin’!!