Noct’ Yeah! Tabata really wasn’t joking when he said they viewed FFXV as a service! PLENTY of news dropped during the Final Active Time Report! If you thought 2017 was going to be the final year for FFXV, YOU THOUGHT WRONG!!!

  • Episode Ardyn was confirmed, along with 2 more potential episodes in 2018. Tabata acknowledged the fan request for a Luna episode.
  • December’s FFXV update will grant players the ability to change party members during combat. Only took a year!

  • You can watch the opening to Episode Ignis, if you can’t wait until December to experience it. The chapter supposedly last two hours and will feature multiple endings. His extra battle? Prince Noctis!

  • The Comrades expansion will receive some various next month on December 12 with Update 1.10! Here’s the details!


• Cases where the player’s level does not rise

• Cases where enemies do not appear in multiplayer quests

• Other things that prevent progress


• Shorter loading time between Lestallum and Camp

• Shorter AI comrades generation time

Additional Content

• Timed Quests – Quick Matching-exclusive quests. Defeat a lot of enemies within the time limit.

• Witch’s Shop – Receive the buff effect obtained through a meal in exchange for the Timed Quest reward.

As you can see, the world of Final Fantasy XV is growing and evolving! Remember when they use to release Final Fantasy games that were complete? Yeah. That was nice.