Well, it seems a new title has been announced for the 2017 PlayStation Experience and it’s a good time to be a pirate. In Skull Pirates you will be setting sail on a piratey adventure where you will explore a massive land, meet the locals, and take their possessions so that you can pay off the Skull Queen’s debt. And like most pirates who steal and plunder, she has a debt bigger than Davey Jones’ locker. The ones that have been stolen from are now after your in order to reclaim what is theirs. While you are in a sense of trying to have the Skull Queen become debt free, there are others who are trying to steal what you have already stolen.

So prepare for ship battles and plunder online with your friends. Coming Halloween of 2018, on the PS VR, PS4, and PS Vita, which will be cross-platform with all three with local and online co-op.

Until then…please enjoy…