Think about this for a moment. If not for the success of Demon’s Souls, we wouldn’t have the Dark Souls trilogy.

We wouldn’t have Bloodborne.

We wouldn’t have the infamous quote “insert game here) is the Dark Souls of (insert genre here)!!”

People would still view FromSoftware as the small, niche developer who made the Armored Core series. It’s safe to say that Demon’s Souls has brought a bit of change to the gaming industry since release in 2009.

Sony Japan has announced they’re finally pulling the plug for the game’s online services come February 28, 2018. The following features will be effected:

  • Online multiplayer
  • Writing/ reading hint notes
  • Other’s bloodstaines
  • Wandering phantoms
  • Ability to browse rankings

Upon closure in 2018, online services will have been available to gamers for 9 years total. That’s longer than some MMORPGs! And hell, the way Sony has been with most of their online games, support years beyond what other titles have received.

Atlus controls the US and EU servers and they ain’t said much about them in awhile.

My next question is this: Where the hell is our Demon’s Souls Remastered Edition for the PS4?! I can promise you there’s plenty of Dark Souls and Bloodborne fans that have yet to play the some Demon’s Souls. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BRAH!