It really hasn’t been much of a secret that Devil May Cry V is supposedly in development at Capcom. Rumors broke earlier this month that it would even appear at PSX 2017! This may no longer be the case, however if this latest round of rumors are even partly true, the game has the chance to be pretty epic!

The Gaming Brahs over at the ResetEra gaming forums let this one spread, after the original poster, Son of Sparda said he would take a permanent ban if the information turns out to be false. So take the details below as rumors.. but hey, why not get a little excited?!

  • By the time the game launches, it’ll have been in-development for three years. Development process has been smooth. This is also the longest development time ever for any Devil May Cry title.
  • It’s a return to the ORIGINAL storyline. Adios, Hot Topic Dante.
  • November 2018 launch, though it might be pushed to early 2019.
  • Was going to be shown at PSX 2017, but it seems fans complaints that E3 2017 wasn’t “epic” enough might have pushed Sony to putting more ‘power’ into their E3 2018 media showcase.
  • Demo before release. Game will be more open world-ish.
  • Some type of PlayStation exclusivity. Rumored that Sony is providing funds to help make the game, similar to Street Fighter V. When the game is officially unveiled, it will be at a Sony event.
  • Game will be more cinematic. ‘Longest cutscenes’ of any game in the series and definitely the most ambitious of the series.

There is much, MUCH more to this massive rumor. If you’re a fan of the series, I highly recommend you read the rest of the rumors over at the source.

What do you think, Brah? Are you excited for this rumored Devil May Cry V?