Get ready dungeon crawler as you have waited your entire life for this moment. From the tales that have been told to you and for the ones before you, of one evil cultist who has spread evil across the land. Destruction, the havoc being caused and the elimination of your land’s people. But it’s your time and the time is now to defeat this evil.

In this turn-based adventure, you will control and lead a group of heroes to victory. Battle through dungeons and manage those items and skills. The more experience, the more powerful and then you will learn more of the tale that you have come to known.

Some of the features:

  • Five different classes to choose from that can be customized through skill and items
  • Sell and purchase items in town
  • Upgrade town facilities
  • Manage your active heroes

Do you have what it takes to rid the land of this evil and become the true hero you were born to be? Find out when Dreadmire comes to PlayStation VR.

*** Still very new in the developmental stages ***