If you’ve been a PlayStation Gamer over the past two decades, you know that Sony has always offered a wide variety of exclusive titles covering all the genres. From Parappa to Killzone, to Puppeteer and LittleBigPlanet, there’s truly something for every gamer. This is because Sony encourages innovation and that is a key to their success.

Michael Denny, Senior Vice President of SEC Worldwide Studios talked about the culture over at their Worldwide Studios in an interview with VG247.

We always want to offer as much choice and as much diversity, as many different types of games as possible, to the PlayStation community. At Worldwide Studios, we really invest in and believe in the people we work with. We like them to come up with the creative ideas and the decisions for what they want to make, because we believe that when studios are passionate about what they want to make, we’re going to get the best games.

When Michael was asked if a team’s project was decided by the studios and not the big shots, he was quick to clarify. Giving the teams the power to decide their projects and encouraging their Worldwide Studios to be unique with their decisions, is their key to success.

Absolutely. I think Worldwide Studios has always operated in that way. We want to encourage studios to come up with exciting, innovative, great, high quality ideas.

With a multitude of unique, original titles coming to the PS4, PS VR, and PlayLink, innovation is at an all-time high at Sony’s Worldwide studios.

If for our own original article covering the onslaught of PlayStation exclusives coming in 2018, early next month. Until then, you can read the rest of the Interview with Michael in the source article below.