(MAJOR UPDATE!!) Things have completely changed! ALL employees have been let go and the game will go be going offline on November 24. Yes. The employees of Gazillion were let go a day before Thanksgiving. How shitty is that? For those of you hoped to get the most out of the game before the end of year, this is yet another dagger to the heart of those that supported it.

We here at The PlayStation Brahs would like to wish all who were part of the massive layoff the best of luck in finding work as soon as possible.

(UPDATE!) Developer Gazillion Entertainment has given their own official statement on the situation. The game will continue to be until December 31. So Avengers… ASSEMBLE and show this game a proper send-off!

Here’s some Breaking News for you. Disney had announced that they have ended their relationship with developers Gazillion Entertainment, effectively putting an end to the MMORPG Marvel Heroes, which launched on the PS4 and XB1 (as Marvel Heroes Omega) earlier this year.

Disney broke the news in their official statement:

We have ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment, and that the Marvel Heroes games will be shut down. We would like to sincerely thank the players who joined the Marvel Heroes community, and will provide any further updates as they become available.

It is currently unknown if Disney has another MMORPG in the works with another publisher, but it would not surprise me at all.

Kotaku did some their research, pointing out that the game had missed out on four weekly updates, plus the Thor: Ragnarok tie-in never released, so it looks as if the writing has been on the wall.

The game originally launched on PC in 2013, so this sucks extremely bad for all the gamers have that supported the game the game over the years.