Teased during the last update, Fortnite Battle Royale fans get ready to die silently as the Silenced MSG is now available to wreck havoc with.

This ‘hotfix’ update also brings with it a variety of weapon balancing. Enjoy!

• Enabled Silenced SMG

◦ Can be found as a Common, Uncommon or Rare variant.

◦ This new SMG is Suppressed, making it the quietest weapon in the game.

• Assault Rifle accuracy increased.

◦ ADS accuracy benefit increased by 33%.

◦ Accuracy penalty per shot decreased by 20%.

◦ Accuracy reset speed increased by 20%.

◦ Recoil reduced by 30%.

• SMG damage increased from 12/12/13 to 14/15/16 for all rarities.

• SMG magazine size increased from 25 to 35.

• Tactical SMG damage increased from 14/15/16 to 16/17/18 for all rarities.

• Adjusted SMG/Tactical SMG environmental damage to match base damage.

• Rocket Launcher reload time increased by 10%.

Are you still playing Fortnite Battle Royale??