The gaming industry is in a state of flux, one that doesn’t appear to have gamer’s best interest in mind when it comes to new policies being implemented in games. The two that I speak of are microtransactions and games requiring constant online connections.

Unfortunately, most publishers have an interest in one or both of these practices, as more and more pubs try to find ways to continue earning revenue far after their games have been released. If you need further evidence of what these policies can do to a game, look no further than Star Wars Battlefront II and the epic craziness that has come of it. The CEO of freagin’ Disney MADE EA turn microtransactions off and reportedly threatened to yank to the Star Wars rights if things didn’t change. Like.. damn.

So when the CEO of CD Projekt Red stated that “online is necessary” for their next major project, Cyberpunk 2077, gamers started to worry. Would it require constant online access? Could it have possible microtransactions? The word began to spread. The developers of one of the most highly rated and respected games this gen, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, could be joining the dark side.

We have great news for you. CD Projekt Red has responded to such acquisitions, drawing a line with their stance on the matter via a single tweet on Twitter.

There you have it. They leave the greed to others. Glad to see companies still care about their fans and ya know, keeping them long term instead of looking at us as some number on their yearly earning’s report.

What do YOU think? A microtransactions needed for the rising cost of game development or are they the true evil of gaming?