Coming in at 1.3GB, the latest update for Assassin’s Creed: Origins arrives tomorrow on the PS4 and then November 20 on the family of Other Consoles.

The update offers a load of fixes and updates, check out the notes below:

Patch Highlights

◦ Ambush at Sea – The issue that caused for some save games to be corrupted was fixed and the mission is now available to players again

Note: The mission should reappear on the map after a reboot of your system. Be sure to be connected to the online services while starting the game.

◦ Difficulty – Enemies of a lower level than the playable character are now more challenging in Hard Mode.

◦ Beard/Hair Toggle

▪ Selected preference of beard/hair will remain saved now

▪ Added support for Keyboard and mouse controls

▪ [Shift]+[Z] – Hair

▪ [Ctrl] + [Z] – Beard

◦ Performance and Stability improvements on all platforms


◦ Improved performance and stability

◦ Fixed some infinite loading and black screen hang

◦ [PC] Fixed hardware performance metrics for Radeon R9 2xx series

◦ [PC] Fixed several Ultra HD monitor, multi-monitor mode, and multi GPU mode issues

◦ [PC] Fixed infinite saving occurring in Photo Mode when anti-aliasing option is Off

Graphics & Audio

◦ Improved Sandstorm ending visual

◦ Fixed some level of detail issues in the world and for some NPCs

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the call mount whistle from playing

◦ Fixed an issue that could cause music tracks to overlap

◦ [Xbox One X][PS4] Revised the default Luminance value in the HDR settings

◦ [PC] Temporarily deactivated spatial sound support to resolve issues with some USB headsets

◦ [PC] Fixed the functionality of the Field Of View option during the Benchmark session


◦ Improved appearance of the water in caves

◦ Removed some invisible collision in Siwa

◦ Fixed various issues with the spawning of boats

◦ Fixed a lighting issue in the Sunken Temple of Sarapeion

◦ Fixed some floating NPCs, floating rocks, and other floating objects

◦ Fixed various texturing issues


◦ The selected cheat option for Bayek’s hair and beard will now remain saved

◦ Improved various animations on the playable character

◦ Improved the navigation of the playable character

◦ Improved shield stance behavior while on vehicles or mounts

◦ Improved NPCs and animals reactions and navigation

◦ Improved Raging Axe’s boss fight behavior in Arena

◦ Improved spawning delay on loot bags when killing NPCs

◦ Improved shield charge behavior

◦ Improved Follow Road mode

◦ Revised fire damage taken by the playable character

◦ Revised poison propagation

◦ Made enemies of lower level than the player more challenging in Hard Mode

◦ Fixed some loading issues while using Senu

◦ Fixed some issues preventing the playable character from interacting with loot bags

◦ Fixed an issue that allowed thrown torches to inflict poison or bleed effect

◦ Fixed spear fight animation against some enemies

◦ Fixed an issue with loot bag spawning in shallow water

◦ Fixed an issue preventing crocodiles from being damaged while in water

◦ Fixed an issue with the activation of slow-motion

◦ Fixed various issues causing the playable character to be stuck

◦ Fixed some camera clipping issues

◦ Fixed some issues preventing bows to automatically sheathe

◦ Fixed an issue where counterweights could remain stuck on the ceiling in the Tomb of Sneferu

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent Overpower Chain Throw from being used

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent Chain Attack from dealing damage when a spear is equipped

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from interacting with the entrance of “Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo”

◦ Fixed issue preventing Senu’s perception range from being taken into account when loading a save game

◦ [PC] Fixed movement issues in Walk mode


◦ Improved various cinematic transitions

◦ Fixed an issue that could corrupt the playable character’s inventory after completing “Ambush at Sea” quest

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from completing quests after returning to the title screen

◦ Fixed various issues causing Quest objectives to disappear after desynchronization

◦ Fixed various issues with Flavius during ‘’The Final Weighing’’ quest

◦ Fixed an issue where the objective would not update during ‘’The Hungry River’’ quest

◦ Fixed an issue with Theodoros who could stay in midair during ‘’A Rebel Alliance’’ quest

◦ Fixed an issue where leader’s health could be restored during ‘’Plight of the Rebels’’ quest

◦ Fixed various issues with Pothinus’ elephant during ‘’Battle of the Nile’’ quest

◦ Fixed an issue with Hotephres’ ship being sunk in gameplay and cinematic during ‘’The Crocodile’s Scales’’ quest

◦ Fixed an issue where the Planetarium Tunnel could remain closed after performing a save/load action

◦ Fixed an issue where the “Wild Ride” quest would fail when getting on a chariot or a cart

◦ Fixed an issue where objectives in the ‘’The Flea of Cyrene’’ quest would not properly update after performing a leap of faith from the Apollo Temple

◦ Fixed various issues with the fight against the war elephant Herwennefer

◦ Fixed issues preventing the ancient tablets to be interacted with

◦ Fixed an issue which allowed the playable character to keep the “The Battle of the Nile” quest spear

◦ Fixed issue where Apollodorus could remain stuck in a wall during ‘’Egypt’s Medjay’’ quest

◦ Fixed dialogues that would sometime be missing from the cinematics of “Playing with Fire” quest

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent Hypatos from attacking the playable character in the quest “Homecoming”

◦ Fixed an issue that could make Septimus invisible during “The Final Weighing” quest

◦ Fixed various issues with Thutmose during “Blood in the Water” quest

◦ Fixed an issue preventing the player from completing the quest “Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another” because he spawned as Bayek


◦ Improved the spawning of enemies in the Cyrene Arena

◦ Fixed an issue preventing the unlockables completed as Aya from carrying over to Bayek

◦ Fixed various issues causing the playable character to be pushed out of the chariot while in Hippodrome races

◦ Fixed an issue where the playable character could remain stuck in the Arena ‘’lobby’’

User Interface

◦ The selected Map filter will now remain saved

◦ Added sound feedback when switching the editing modes during Photo Mode

◦ Added button mapping for petting Senu in the alternate control scheme

◦ mapped to specific keys

◦ Improved image resolution of crafting items

◦ Improved fire visual effects on animals

◦ Changed health gain visual feedback to display in green when hitting enemies

◦ Fixed Senu’s marked location for the Tomb of Khufu

◦ Fixed various issues with icons in the Map

◦ Fixed an issue where the Photo Mode HUD could not appear

◦ Fixed HUD modules that stayed hidden changing HUD Preset to ‘Show All’

◦ Fixed the suggested level of some quests

◦ for some their owners

◦ Fixed multiple typos in the menus

◦ [PS4] Fixed the Season Pass and Deluxe Pack showing up as “Coming Soon” in the Store

◦ [PC] Added mouse support for rotating the character in the Gear menu

◦ [PC] Added mouse and keyboard support to toggle Bayek’s hair and beard in Gear menu

◦ Hide Arena HUD while in Photo Mode

◦ [PC] Allowed triggering Call Mount and Animus Pulse on button Press when they are

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