We all know that Ed Boon and the team over at NetherRealm Studios have never shied away from having a variety of guest characters in their games. Kratos! Xenomorph! Freddy and Jason! Their newest guest just might be the most tubular of them all!!!

COWABUNGA!! The freagin’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the true stars of the third DLC pack for Injustice 2!!!! Which is a bit surprising seeing as how violent the game is. Nickelodeon own the rights to the fab four brothers, but hey! They totally have my interest!!

Batman has teamed-up with the turtles before, so this isn’t that far-fetched! Wait! We can’t forget about The Atom and The Enchantress! The Enchantress was the main villain of the DC film Suicide Squad film from 2016. The Atom is a member of the CW show Legends of Tomorrow and has been a part of the DCU for decades!

Will you be downloading the Heroes in a half-shell???