Battlefront fans voiced their concerns: no season pass for the next Battlefront game. EA and DICE listened (then decided to add Loot boxes), giving us FREE extended content over the life of Battlefront II. Get ready, as The Last Jedi season will be here before you know, bringing a smuggler’s worth of content for you to enjoy.

On December 5, you must choose your side. The First Order (aka The BRAHpire) or The Resistance (NERDS!). Your decision will change everything, as you earn points for your faction via challenges.

On December 13, two days before the The Last Jedi takes over the galaxy, things kick into hyperdrive. Captain Phasma and Finn join the roster of Heroes and Villains!! Purchasable with in-game credits, whichever side of the mighty wars of stars proves victorious will also win a crate of mighty upgrades for their respective Champion

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! On the same day, more new The Last Jedi content is on the way!!

  • Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-Wing!
  • The planet of Crait as a new map!
  • New Starfighter assault mode map, D’Qar!
  • There will also be NEW content for the Single-player campaign as you discover the early rise of the First Order!

Plus more challenges, playlist, and epic battles throughout the month of December. DICE and the rest of the Battlefront II devs are bringing it, Brah! The Force is strong with this game!

Star Wars Battlefront II drops on November 17. For those who ordered the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition, you’ll be ready for action on November 14!

Soon we shall see if this game is truly Pay-to-win or not..