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Sometimes when we use our imagination it can be a good thing. Many times we read stories that can give us that paint by number feel to them and then sometimes it takes a game like Discovery by Noowanda comes along to give the tools to paint in the numbers and let the door open our creative minds.

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I will say this, to begin with, Discovery will remind you of a familiarity with something that has been around a while, but without the craft survival. And to some, they may take one look, just disregard it, and not give it a second thought. And for those that want to travel down that path, you may be missing out on something that lets you use your creative sense and make it yours. Not so much as a game that wants us to go from point A to point B, but one where you make the rules.

When starting Discovery you are given some options. Even though you can play Discovery without VR, you will want to play in VR. Discovery was made to play in VR and it really shows. You are able to name your world and even can join with a friend where it could get very creative. Right now you can only play with the Dual Shock 4 and it does work with seeing the controller and all the functions, I just wish the option for Move Controllers was added. But a patch is coming where it will be added as well as some additional tracking, PS Move support, and more materials. Even though I did not experience any tracking issues, it’s always great to know that Discovery is being supported to make it the best possible experience.

You will be doing some walking, but teleportation is also added. But I did enjoy just walking around and admiring the world I created. But there are plenty of materials to let your creative juices flow from paint to fire to animals. Yes, animals are here to give your place that wildlife feel even if they do have a mind of their own. I really appreciate the way lights and shadows are used. And when the day becomes the night and you see the stars and the northern type lights in the sky and when the music starts to play, it really starts to feel like home.

I also like how immersive Discovery is and how easily you can be lost while creating. And when I say lost I mean it. Minutes become hours and at no time did I feel that I lost track of time and that’s what is scary. Not in a bad way, but that is the power of Virtual Reality. As you build to explore and explore to build, Discovery is refreshing and with the grassy, desert and snowy lands, the TNT to blow things up and even digging and going through tunnels, there is nothing else like it right now on PlayStation VR.

Discovery is out now and you should really give it a chance. Plus if you are a trophy hunter, you will need a friend for one of them. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Discovery and Noowanda, please follow them and visit the site.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I need to build something glorious.