Second: Wow. I did NOT see this coming. Now it makes you wonder why they closed Visceral Games a couple weeks back.

Third: Here’s some details about the situation. According to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, Publisher Nexon tried to buy Respawn. EA outbid them. Initial deal is worth $315 million. The total of $455 million is tied to performance bonuses, aka reaching certain Metacritic scores, etc.

We know Respawn is working on Titanfall 3 and that Star Wars game that was announced in 2016. They’re also developing a FPS for Oculus. Wonder what will happen with that game? This is a rather interesting move for EA. It almost seems as if they sacrificed Visceral to so they could absorb Respawn into their vast empire of dev teams.

Yes, I know. I’ve seen the jokes. “#RIPRespawn” and what not. Time will tell! What do you think about this situation? Smart move by EA? Will the Titanfall series suffer because of it? Stay tuned for the next chapter in the ever-evolving story of Respawn Entertainment!!!