I just wanted to step back for a moment and really thank some people. I have been writing for The PlayStation Brahs for about a year if not a little longer. I was doing my own thing and then one day our own PlayStation Brah, Thomas Williams gave me an opportunity by offering to write for The PlayStation Brahs. I finally accepted and it has honestly been a blast. I get to do what I have a passion for, what we all like to do and talk about…Gaming. I have met some really cool people, who believe it or not, even though I have not met them in person, they still feel like part of a family.

I have learned a lot and still continue to learn. I have been able to reach out and do my best not only to get what I hope are entertaining previews and reviews if you will and make them my own but also try and get The PlayStation Brahs the exposure it deserves. For those that know me, at least through here and on Twitter know is I never bash anyone for what they do or what and how they game. If you are having fun, then this is why this passion that I and like many continues to grow. I run contests from time to time and try to send that along with every article that The PlayStation Brahs share. And to each and every one who has contributed to this site, I know and everyone thanks you for your hard work. For those that create the art…the magic…the games, thank you. To the ones that read about, watch about and play the games…continue to be awesome…never stop playing and embrace your inner gamer at all times.

I have been wanting to say something for a while now, but something today just made me go for it. Back in October, I wrote about a game coming to PlayStation VR that you might be familiar with or you may have missed it, but the game is Run Dorothy Run and it’s coming to PlayStation VR. Now hopefully you will give it a try. It’s games like this from the minds of the Developers and the Publishers that help get these games out. It’s games like these from the more independent Developers and Publishers that try and sometimes it makes you open your minds and your eyes. Not all games have to have that huge production, but for those games, Developers and Publishers, thank you. For those games are in many cases better than some movies.

But today, like I mentioned previously, made me want to do this today. And here it is. The great team at Virtro did a Big Thanks on their site for those that covered the game and I guess I am not only very proud to get The PlayStation Brahs site some of the recognition, but I am honestly very honored and appreciative that something I wrote is out there. Like I mentioned what I do is a passion that I have for not only being a fan and a gamer but the respect I have for the Developers, Publishers, Creators, Journalists and the fans…the gamers…and you. So thank you to everyone.