Back in June, I reviewed Virry VR: Feel the Wild and it looks like there’s a pretty big update coming to PlayStation VR. So whats the update? Well let’s find out:

  • Mood-o-Meeter – You will now be asked your mood. From sad to happy to stressed to tired…ect., and then will be asked later on. This will allow you to monitor your mood all while you’re relaxing to see how just being near animals or sitting by some water can help change your mood and your mental well being to a more positive one.
  • Switch voice-over and conservation questions on or off.
  • New virtual themed DS4 controller.
  • New music by award-winning composer Japetu added to the relaxation experience.
  • Spotify Support – When Spotify is detected, the default music in the relaxation experience.

This update should be available this Friday with another update scheduled next month.