In the heat of battle, you have everything under control. Until you hear that sound and check your weapon. Uh-Oh, you are out of ammo. What do you do? Surrender? Run and hide? Hope for a strong enough wind from a wind storm? You could plan your strategy or go in with guns firing trying to at least go down in a blaze of glory. You will have four different modes to try and figure out your next moves.

  • Survival – You are the general. You must control your soldiers. Build up that defense and defend your base. You can test your skills on 8 different maps. But if you feel your soldiers are not doing their job…take their role. Become that Rifleman, Sniper, Rocketeer, Engineer or Medic.
  • Overwatch – You are the lonely sniper and on the clock tower. You must protect the evacuees from the downed chopper (insert best Arnold impersonation here) with any weapon or gadget you can.
  • Virtago – You must reach and input the codes into the computer. Can you do it while defending against the guards?
  • Icarus – You crash landed in the enemy zone. Help? That’s just too far away to worry about. You will need to scavage for loot (no loot boxes), ammo and supplies. Played in first-person. So tie that bandana, drink that energy drink and go all Rambo as you must survive, duck, shoot, defend your base all while trying to not run out of Ammo.

Do you think you have what it takes? We will find out more in the Winter of 2018 when Out of Ammo comes to PlayStation VR.

If you pre-order you will receive Castlestorm VR for free.

Until then…please enjoy…