(UPDATE!) Media Molecule dropped a small teaser for fans! PSX 2017.. Dreams is back!

Revealed early in the life of the PS4, Media Molecule’s Dreams has had quite the journey. The team behind the ambitious title planned on having a closed beta earlier this year, which never happened. Everyone expected some type of coverage at Paris Games Week, still nothing.

Media Molecule quickly took to Twitter as fans stared to believe that the game was doomed. They promised we would see something this year. That promise is coming true! The official PlayStation Blog confirmed that Dreams will have some sort of presence at PSX 2017!

Want to learn more about Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams? Then PSX is where you need to be.

Sid Shuman dropped the news just a bit ago! So for all the doubters, I’m sure Media Molecule has a few kind words for ya!

The Brahs will BE at PSX 2017, so expect all kinds of hands-on with some of the biggest PlayStation games!!