Rocksteady went from a quite little team of developers to overnight sensation thanks to the Brahsomeness that is the Batman: Arkham series. The team has remained oddly silent since the launch of Batman: Arkham VR late last year, but if rumors are true.. details shall be going up, up, and away VERY SOON.

What if I told you that Rocksteady is working on a freagin’ SUPERMAN GAME?!? Do I have your interest?!? According to an “insider” over at 4chan, Rocksteady is working on a Man of Steel title that will be revealed… THIS MONDAY. Holy Kryptonite toilet paper, Superman!!

Game Informer cover game will be revealed next week. It will be Rocksteady’s Superman game. The scale and the ambition of the game are massive, you all will be blown away by the details. Can’t wait to see your reaction, lads.    

While I’m not the biggest Superman fan around, if Rocksteady can get this right.. this could be a kickass game. Good luck though. Superman is so damn powerful, he’s almost perfect. Can he be defeat? Most certainly. They have quite the challenge with this game. But we believe in Rocksteady. Right?!?

Just a reminder, this is a rumor! Could be totally phony! We will know more come Monday if true! What are you thoughts on the possibility of a new Superman game?!