Oh lawdy, Brah!! It’s almost time to return to Aloy’s version of Earth! Which version is that? Well ya know.. the one where [INSERT MAJOR SPOILERS HERE] and then [MORE MAJOR SPOILERS] which resulted in the dinobots ruling the world. Well, kinda. If you played (and beat) Horizon Zero Dawn, you know the game was full of twist and turns. Oh! Plus insanely beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay.

So yeah. I’m pretty damn hyped to be returning to the world of Horizon Zero Dawn next Tuesday via the expansion, The Frozen Wilds! Who else just as exited? Sony and Guerrilla Games! They’ve released a flurry of content to celebrate the occasion!

First we have a trailer focusing on a new robo-beast: THE SCROCHER!!! It’s big. It’s bad. It’s fast and rumored to be a powerful as.. A THUNDERJAW?! Oh $hit.

Remember The Banuk from the game? The nomadic tribe that gave you a few cool missions? You might have forgotten, but they’re the major tribe in The Frozen Wilds expansion. You’ll journey to their region, The Cut, to help solve the mystery.. of a new threat.

And finally, if you don’t mind a few minor spoilers from the 15+ hours of gameplay TFW offers, Guerrilla Games has offered up a 12 minute gameplay video showing off the game. It looks good. So good.

November 7!! Are all of my fellow Brahs ready for the glorious return of Aloy?!