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The dead. The apocalypse. Usually, when you combine these two, an all-out war almost breaks out and then you have to decide if you are Negan or if you need to ride a bike with Daryl and try to help Rick. But when you add a food truck and need to help serve the dead, then you get to become that awesome food truck entrepreneur who hopes that one day you may get to have your own show no matter what diner, drives or dives you may end up with. And thanks to Q-Games and PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry on The PlayStation VR, we might just be one step closer to un-living the dream (I had to do it).

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In Dead Hungry your job is simple. Serve the zombies food as they are coming towards you and this is where the fun begins. You will need to cook the meat, bacon, pizza, eggs, and whatever else you can. Grab the buns and add some cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc and you can build it any way you like. Don’t you forget the drinks and to deep fry the fries and shrimp. Oh, you want to fry that napkin? Throw it in there cause why not? I mean zombies are coming towards you after all.

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So when the zombies get closer you must toss or throw your creations at the zombies so they can eat and drink their way back to becoming humans.  And when you have more than one zombie at your stand, it can be quite chaotic. And this part of the life that Dead Hungry brings and a big thank you to Q-Games for this. They have taken the fun genre of cooking games, unleashed the dead so you can serve them, and all while having a deadfully fun time in VR.

But in order to survive this horde of hungry zombies, you will need to learn how to either use both Move Controllers or use the DS4 to help when things get a little crazy. And feel free to use the Wasabi how you see fit.

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But as the hectic fun gets more hectic, this is where you will have to use the resources and tools presented to make time a friend instead of an enemy. You must put the patties on the grill to cook them and why that’s going on, fill up the drinks and then start building that burger. The bigger the creation, the more points you will receive. If things get too crazy to throw the ketchup bottles while the pizzas are cooking. There is no certain order dishes have to be served or created and I really appreciate that Dead Hungry lets me be me and play how I want.

As you complete levels, you get unlockables and yes there are trophies to collect. Here I finally received my Food Truck License so I can now sell food out of the truck to zombies. It’s these glorious and comical touches that make Dead Hungry so much fun to play.

I will say that the soundtrack can become repetitive with its apocalyptic high energy metal, but you wouldn’t want classical music playing if it’s the end of the world, now would you? But a good thing is you can switch out the tapes to add some variety to the mix. With 30 levels of increasing pressure and difficulty as you progress, you are not going to get that change of scenery and that’s ok because you are serving food to the dead. I did find Dead Hungry quite immersive being in that confined place of the kitchen inside a food truck. To look around and see a zombie at the window or looking at the background and seeing another zombie prepare under a tent just adds something special.

Dead Hungry is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Dead Hungry, please visit the page.  To learn more about Q-Games, please visit their page and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have a kabob of burgers to serve.