You have been waiting for it. The aliens two solar systems away have been waiting for it…in fact, the whole entire universe has been waiting for the most anticipated event: The Sprint Vector Championship Intergalatica! The one, the charismatic Mr. Entertainment searches all year hunting, searching and “collecting” if you will, competitors across the galaxy with the utmost skills before he unleashes them onto his most mentally and physically cross-dimensional courses and all for your viewable pleasures.

Meet the competitors:








  • Fluid Locomotion System: You’ll feel the rush as fluid translation and intended motion lets you attain and maintain incredible speeds with no physical discomfort.
  • Active VR Gameplay: Use your entire body to run, jump, drift, zip, climb, fling, shoot, dodge, and fly with intuitive motion controls.
  • Single and Multiplayer Competition: Race against live contestants before the entire galaxy, or train hard for the title on hazardous challenge maps.
  • Weapons and Items: What’s a little friendly competition without a bit of self-serving sabotage? Take aim at both the course and your competitors with weapon attacks and usable items.
  • Choose Your Look: From space kids and disc jockeys, to graffiti artists and gangster sharks, enjoy a diverse cast of playable characters from every corner of the galaxy
  • Vibrant Universe: Plunge into a colorful, bombastic space punk world vibrating with energy that’s sure to get your pulse pounding.

Do you have what it takes to be the champion? Find out when Sprint Vector comes to PlayStation VR on February 13th, 2018.

Until then…please enjoy…