Oh how the team at Impulse Gear keeps on giving. Introducing Farpoint Update 1.08. The most requested feature is now coming to Farpoint…The Versus Expansion Pack. This FREE update brings Player vs Player with different AI teammates that you can spawn and use strategically to gain the advantage.

There will be two PvP game modes: Death Match and Uplink. In Uplink, communication relays are dropped and the player must capture and hold so said area to gain points. Bonus if you kill other players and AI as that will also award you points.

Death Match is pretty self explanatory. But in both Death Match and Uplink, we will have a round based system. So the best 2 out of 3 on each map will determine the winner. But let’s add some fun…each round takes place on a different area of the map, so make sure you learn those maps. And speaking of maps…3 new ones with 3 different areas will be included with the FREE update.

Still wanting more? We will also be getting:

  • Player XP progression system with unlockable skins
  • Weapon XP progression system with 15 new unlockable weapons
  • CHAOS difficulty co-op games are more chaotic
  • Easily crotch while sitting while using the crouch toggle button
  • New turning comfort settings which can now all be disabled
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

So get ready for when the new Farpoint PlayStation VR update hits as there can only truly be one…

If you want to see how much fun PvP can be in Farpoint, check out the BRAHCAST and check out the review!