The game opens as the camera pans down over a foggy London. There inside his chamber Adam Crowley is doing unspeakable things to a bloody corpse. What game am I talking about? That would be Nightmare Creatures! A PS1 horror game classic and some even say cult classic.

Nightmare Creatures

Developer: Kalisto Entertainment

Publisher: Activision

In this game, you get to play as Nadia Franciscus who is out to avenge her father’s death and save London from a demonic horde. Alternatively, you can play as Ignatius Blackward a man sworn to fight against all evil. In your quest, you will have to fight off creepy zombie people, slashing werewolves’, annoying bats and all kinds of demonic creatures.

 The game was originally on PS1 so it’s exactly what you would expect from something released in 1997. It can be a little clunky at times and even a little cheesy. However, it was full of jump scares and the dark tone of the game was eerily similar to Resident Evil. It isn’t overly complicated and you can take down your foe easily most of the time but that was offset by the cool boss battles. I mean everyone I have ever known had the desire to fight a mutated sewer snake with multiple heads. What? You don’t have those kind of friends?

Why talk about this game now though? I will tell you why. Albino Moose announced in September that they are working on a brand new Nightmare Creatures. I can see the potential for an amazing game here with a sinister villain and an array of disturbing creatures to fight against. If this team can create a compelling plot with intriguing characters, then this could be a major hit for the horror genre. Who doesn’t want to fight monsters created by a Satanic cult?

The game will release on consoles and PC but no release date has been set. I for one will be ready for battle when it is finally announced.

Will you be joining in on the nightmare?