Command your powerful airship as you compete to be the champion. You will be tested as well of those around you from high-speed races, battles of death with assault ships that swarm on you to aerial beast encounters and other mind-bending challenges. Featuring AI rivals so diverse that their own motivations, their own personalities that it will add another level of play. Make sure your wits are at their fullest as you will need to outplay and outsmart your opponents, alliances will be fused together and made or be so evil that you become the king of betrayals.

With encounters that are procedurally generated and a rotational cast that will make sure no two experiences are the same. Powerful cannons, unmanned drones, and pistols to help along the way. Everything you have and learned will allow you to survive, but under the pressure will your skills, tactics and how you command allow you to become the champion of this airborne gladiatorial sci-fi arena? Find out when Bow To Blood comes to PlayStation VR on August 28th, 2018.

Until then…please enjoy…