Paris Games Week. Certainly not the biggest gaming convention of their year, however it offers a great chance for our European Brahs to get their hands on with some of the biggest games before release. Sony has always been present at the event, showcasing some of their biggest and smallest titles coming to the family of PlayStation consoles.

(Note: The introductory event starts at 8:00am Pacific time for us Brahs in North America and the Media Showcase begins at 9:00am!)

After skipping the chance to have a press conference at last year’s PGW, Sony is back this year and ready to show the goods. What will they be showing exactly? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to social media, they’re hyping the hell out of it. Don’t believe me?

PlayStation Europe mentioned this earlier today via the Official Blog:

But plan to tune in early at 3pm BST/4pm CET! We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it.

Dear God Almighty. Sony, y u do dis to us PlayStation Gamers?? Our wallets are already beat to death over the epicness that has been 2017. So what will we be getting a look at? Here are our predictions!!!! (These predictions combine the introductory event and the Media Showcase)

Sucker Punch’s new game reveal – We reported last month that Sucker Punch’s new game might been revealed soon. It has been awhile since we last heard from the guys and gals at Sucker Punch. Could Paris Games Week be the perfect time to reveal their new games? Another prediction? inFamous Remastered Collection. Or even a Sly Cooper Remastered Collection. This is their 20th anniversary, after all.

A launch trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – 8 days after the PGW week, the first and only DLC expansion for HZD arrives. What better time to get gamers excited for the return to Aloy’s majestic world?

Re-reveal of Dreams – This is one that many gamers are expecting. We’ve heard very little out of Media Molecule this year. What better time than PGW?! Expect an in-depth look at the single-player mode and the PS VR mode. Perhaps a beta to release in early 2018.

Some kind of DLC content for Destiny 2 – Sony paid big bucks for the commercial/ “exclusive” content rights to the Destiny series. Look for some kind of new content or event taking place this Fall for owners of the game.

2 new PlayLink titles- Sony views their PlayLink platform as a way to capture the more casual audience. Titles like That’s You! and Hidden Agenda have players grabbing their phones – not their controllers – and gaming away with up to eight friends, depending on the title. We predict at least 2 new PlayLink titles. One from a European developer and one from Sony Japan.

Updates on PS VR titles and two new PS VR title reveals – Remember Golem? That wicked cool looking PS VR title announced a while back? Expect a new look at it. Another look at Moss, with a release date, and two new major PS VR titles from Sony’s European teams. Also, expect new trailers for Bravo Team, The Inpatients, and Skyrim VR.

First look at Gran Turismo Sport DLC and/or new modes – Out of all be racer simulators released this 2017, GTS had the least amount of content of all. Europe LOVES racing. Expect to hear about the first car DLC pack featuring new rides, new tracks, and potentially a new mode.

Re-reveal of Michel Ancel’s WiLD – it has been “a-wild” since we last seen Ancel’s newest creation. A new trailer showing off the game and a 2018 release date.

Call of Duty: WWII trailer – To be expected, especially when the game releases 4 days after the showcase. BOOTS TO GROUND, BRAH!!!!

Star Wars Battlefront II PS VR content reveal – It’ll be like last time. A short mission, perhaps that ties into the upcoming film The Last Jedi. Perhaps something with Finn?

Star Wars Battlefront II future content reveal – The Force is Strong with PlayStation – so why not tease some of the post-launch content to come.

New Detroit: Become Human trailer – Quantic Dreams’ base of operations is in Paris. PGW is in Paris. So why wouldn’t David Cage want to show off his latest project before announcing a release date??

Shenmue I + IIHD Collection reveal – FINALLY!! After multiple Leaks, the HD collection that fans have been begging for is shown. With updated graphics and controls.

Capcom lovin’ – Sony and Capcom have been pretty tight this gen. Perhaps an update regarding Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Monster Hunter: World, and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Character DLC is in order.

Some big indie titles we haven’t heard from/ new exclusive indies – I know some people say Sony doesn’t give indies the spotlight like they once did, but I’m thinking there will be a couple of big indies shown.

Possible Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer – After ending the E3 2017 with that massive gameplay video, I doubt this will happen. This is more of a “What if…”, don’t expect it.

Another short look at the Shadow of the Colossus remake – This one won’t be long. Maybe a minute or so. Short look at more Colossi looking crazy awesome on the PS4.

Sony drops the price of the PS4 Slim and Pro by $50 – Kohl’s Black Friday ad shows a PS4 Slim ‘doorbuster’ for $199. Could this be signaling a price drop incoming? The Xbox 1 X release on November 7, 8 days after the media showcase. Will Sony be dropping the price to counteract the competition?? I would strongly bet on it. $249/ $349 for the PS4 Slim/ Pro.

PlayStation is the bread and butter for Sony at the moment. The resurgence of the brand has slowly lead Sony back to profitable. If this is the ‘other half’ that started with E3 2017, what can we expect at PSX 2017?!? Ok. Getting a bit too ahead of myself. Let’s get PGW out of the way first!!

What do YOU think we will see at Paris Games Week?? Let us know in the comments below!!!