Releasing last week, Gran Turismo Sport has stormed the sales charts worldwide, as fans of the series have flocked to get their Gran Turismo fix.

While doing so, a few issues have appeared and it looks like Polyphony Digital is doing their best to get patch things up as fast as they can to give gamers the Ultimate Real Driving Simulator.

Update 1.03 is currently live! Here are all the details!

Main Features

• Fixed an issue where participating in a Drift Trial with a car featuring an exterior livery created with a custom color chip (a color chip created in the Livery editor) would result in the game crashing after the result screen.

• Fixed an issue where excessive force feedback was applied when understeering using the THRUSTMASTER T500RS steering controller.

• Addressed an issue wherein the THRUSTMASTER TH8A ‘H pattern shifter’ was not properly recognized when connected to a compatible steering wheel controller.

Other improvements and adjustments

• The controller steering sensitivity of the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller has been increased in order to improve handling during oversteering and drifting.

• The adjustment range for a steering wheel controller’s force feedback has been broadened: it is now possible to decrease maximum torque on steering wheels with strong motor torque.

• Various other issues.

Nothing to extravagant, just helping all those who’ve spent massive amounts of money on those fancy racing wheels obtain the best experience possible.

If any more updates come racing at us, we will let you know!