The Indie Game:
What is an Indie game? It is an independent video game without the financial support from a large gaming developer. In most cases, the indie creator will try to get help through crowd funding (The gaming community). These games can be creative and highly thought provoking. However, it also means they can be plucked straight from a garbage pile. Let’s take a look at some that have avoided obscurity.

Here are five indie games that you should definitely play. You have probably heard of them but if you haven’t played them, now is the time.

5. White Night

white night

Set in the 1930’s you wake up from a car crash with a vague recollection of what happened. The game plays tight and is completely set in black and white. The horror aspect of this game is great, step out of the light and you will find yourself in death’s clutches very soon. There are no guns or weapons to protect you only a matchbox and any lit areas you can quickly access. The tone, the story, and the mystery behind what happened keeps you intrigued from start to finish. Run out of matches though and you will forever be in the dark.

4. Axiom Verge


In this game, you play as Trace a scientist who awakens in another world without a clue as to how he got there. He soon finds Elsenova who asks him for his help and just like that, you are off looking for new weapons and ability upgrades. It almost seems like something out of Tron and I think that nostalgia factor is what this game is all about. The gameplay, the levels, the artwork gives you a Metroid vibe and it is highly impressive. That is great and all but the best part is the music. Each time you enter a new zone or area the music changes and I can guarantee that before long you will be tapping those feet.



Get ready to run, run, and run some more in this sci-fi horror game. When you wake up from an experiment that is trying to save you from brain bleeding the terrifying reality that nothing is the same will chill you to your core. Everything is a mystery and everything from creepy monsters to psycho robots will hunt you down. This game is dark and filled with puzzles that try to keep you locked in an underwater prison. I found myself wanting to find out more and more as the game went along. It did a great job of making you ask questions and wanting answers. If you like survival horror games this one is necessary but beware, the ending could cause brain bleeding from questioning your very own existence.

2. Trine


I love this game and the trilogy as a whole. The beautiful artwork and colors of this game are astounding. The voiceover work and dialogue is fantastic. One of the great aspects of this game is you get to control three different characters and switch between them. Zoya, Amadeus, and Pontius have their own strengths that will help guide you along in this puzzle solving, side scrolling game. Once the Trine artifact sweeps you away, you will need to use each character to solve many puzzles and defeat creatures that want you dead. The puzzles can range from easy and quick to hard and tedious. You certainly will need your thinking cap on if you want to save your three heroes and the kingdom. You can also play this game with a friend on the couch and fight over which character you want to use.

1. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is probably my favorite indie game of all time and will soon be a trilogy with the third game in the works. This is a fantasy role-playing game that uses a turned based combat system. It plays like a chessboard with each character or piece having its own strengths in movement. You get to play as a human or a Viking like character called the Varl. Together you are pit against the Dredge who will stop at nothing to bring death to you and your people. As the leader you will have to make decisions that can sometimes be harsh and emotional. Keep in mind though that with each decision there will be consequences or rewards. The artwork of this game is beautiful and some of the best you will ever see in an indie game. The story line will draw you in and give you a reason to care about the characters. If you give this game a chance, it will take you on an emotional journey that will stick to your heart like a Viking spear in a dead Dredge.

Honorable fun game mention:

Kung Fury – Fast, funny and challenging.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – A walking game with thought and heartbreaking moments.