Ever since Sony revealed the PlayLink ‘platform’ at E3, I’ve had an interest in this new, more causal approach to gaming on the PS4. That’s You! has been available to gamers since launch and Sony is ready to expand the PlayLink platform today with three new titles!

The most interesting and unique of the three is Supermassive games’ Hidden Agenda. Gather up your friends to help you solve this dark

and mysterious thriller from the people who brought you Until Dawn.

The second game aims to tickle your brain with a variety of crazy questions, Brah! Knowledge is Power! This one looks like a rather fun.

If you’re a fan of the Singstar series, good news! The series is back with Singstar Celebration. Grab up to 8 (!) of your friends and sing your heart out. RAWK ON, BRAH!

These titles are available now, unless you’re in Europe. They’ve been delayed an entire month due to translation issues! Sorry, Brah!